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Clothing Care Made Simple

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If you haven’t heard the news, we bought a second home in Florida! We trekked across the country in our EV car and arrived in Florida just about a week ago. Since being immersed in the warm and humid Floridian environment I’ve been able to make some shifts in how I go about my clothing care routine. Excited to share some new practices I’ve implemented in order to make long-lasting quality clothing last even longer, in partnership with EC30 and Boyish Jeans.

girl standing in front of blankets on a clothesline

In the world of homemaking and having a #HouseWifeSummer, there’s a new exciting laundry detergent on the block: EC30 Enlightened Clean. This detergent is unlike any I’ve ever used before and I love it! EC30 laundry swatches are designed without any plastic bottles, water, or fillers, and fully dissolve in cold water, so you can save energy and some $ on your utility bill by avoiding having to wash your clothing and linens in hot water. Always love a good win-win when saving the environment and my bank account, haha.

clothes basket with EC30 cleaning products laying on it
girl holding EC30 cleaning product in front of sheet on a clothesline

Some other fun facts about EC30 that make them a great option for clean ingredient clothing care is that their production facility runs on 100% renewable energy, and they are on a journey to becoming carbon neutral—— which makes it even sweeter that I can minimize my own carbon footprint by using their products. Less CO2 emissions for all! So how exactly do I as a consumer and citizen of this planet reduce my own carbon emissions? I am glad you asked! 🙂

girl pinning a blanket to a clothesline with laundry basket sitting on the ground

As I previously mentioned, washing in cold water saves energy that is typically used to heat water in the washing machine. Below is a quote from the folks at EC30.

We stumbled on a WOW fact as we studied EC30’s own carbon footprint, did you know more than 80% of the carbon footprint happens when we use the product at home? That’s because of all the energy used to heat the water and run the laundry machine (and dryer if you use one).


That said, I always wash with cold water, and then try to air dry whenever possible. Being in Florida makes it especially easy to have an outdoor clothesline so my linens can dry in the warm summer sun.

Part of striving to live a slowed-down life of simplicity and thoughtfulness towards the earth means not only caring for my clothing with clean ingredient products, but also investing in pieces that are crafted with quality and longevity in mind, like this dress from Boyish Jeans. Made in America with recycled cottons and shipped without unnecessary plastic waste is what Boyish is all about and I so appreciate being able to support thoughtful companies like this in my clothing decisions.

Being able to care for my clothing and making the items last is such a big way I can help reduce my own emissions, as well as not buying synthetic clothing products that will not compost and by not supporting fast fashion businesses, with frequent purchases.

dress pinned on a clothesline over blankets
girl wearing a hat and a sundress standing in front of a clothesline with blankets on it

Washing with EC30’s ‘blue mist’ scented detergent swatches and air drying in the sun has not only reduced my own water and energy use, but has left my clothes and linens feeling so fresh and smelling so good. I love any scent that makes me feel like I’m frolicking through a field of flowers, and EC30 has certainly got that covered. There is also a fragrance-free option for anyone who likes to avoid scent, or just appreciates a product without the frills.

If you’re looking to make some upgrades to your laundry room aesthetic and simplify your routine I’ll leave a link HERE to try out EC30’s “Try-It-All” kit, which includes little samples of all their zero-waste home and personal care goods like body wash, toilet cleaner, and shampoo. You can get $5 off with code ALIVIAFIVE. They really have got you covered! You can find a link to Boyish Jeans’ sustainably crafted clothing HERE as well.

Thank ya so much for reading along with me as I nerd out over laundry detergent, haha! Stay cool, and have a splendid #HousewifeSummer (I’m totally making this hashtag a thing.)

*Although this post is sponsored by EC30, all opinions are my own. 🙂

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