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Greetings, I’m Alivia.

Photographer, wife, mama, lover of all things neutral, partaker in slow mornings, and the gal you want to go thrifting with.

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Welcome to my little corner of the internet…but it’s less of a corner and more like a whole house. So come on in!

Much like a good DIY or home renovation, life can be a little messy sometimes, and it’s very likely that there’s dust everywhere. But that is what we’re all about over here. Creating the magnificent from the mundane, and enjoying every part of the process along the way!

At the core of who we are —

simple living, repurposed goods, and thoughtful design.

What’s been happening on the ‘gram?

↠ The most lovely three months of my life thus far. Motherhood. ♡ Beyond blessed to be this boy’s mama.
↠ Adding bits of sparkle to my every day with @lightboxjewelry’s lab-grown diamonds. These are just as durable and retain the same chemical properties as natural diamonds, but are at a much more accessible price point thanks to their lab-grown process, which is definitely a win in this fresh season of parenthood! That said, I’m taking myself and baby boy on a little mid day picnic date to add a bit of sparkle to our daily routine too. Don’t forget to find the magical moments in the everyday, mamas.

Get to know the gal behind the paint brush!

LOVER OF JESUS. boy mama..
EXPERT AT slow mornings.
the gal you want to go thrifting with.

Greetings, I’m Alivia —— I’m a photographer and DIY’er with a deep appreciation for simple living, repurposed goods, and thoughtful design.

My love for intentional design and a good thrift find has heavily influenced my work as a photographer. I used to pride myself on traveling to at least eleven countries a year and kept a note of how many flights I had ever been on, but then we bought a house and everything changed. Now I find moments of peace right here at home, when the afternoon light hits the wall just right, when my throw pillows look perfectly imperfect on the couch, and when I stumble upon a hundred year old thrift find. I’m all about turning the mundane into the magnificent, and enjoying all the moments in between, cause that’s the good stuff! Things that inspire me: times of rest, frolicking through a wheat field, the color beige, and feeling the presence of our divine Creator. So whether in a flower covered field, refreshing a space in my own home, or strolling through a small town antique shop, I strive to tell visual stories by embracing natural beauty, the thoughtfully repurposed, and the simplicity that comes along with making a house a home for the modern day homestead.

NURSERY REVEAL! Style Our Nursery With Me

Alivia Fields 581 views January 30th, 2023

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I create YouTube videos on interior style, home renovation, thrifting, DIY projects, simple living, and more. So grab your favorite throw blanket, plop down on the couch, and cozy up for a little YouTube watching marathon!

I’ve been jotting down some fieldnotes.

Looking for interior inspiration, or a step by step on that DIY renovation you’ve been meaning to do? Or maybe you need a recipe for natural countertop cleaner (don’t we all)? You’re in the right place, cause we keep things real simple over here!

if you didn’t know, now you know, we have an airbnb!

Our latest renovation project is calling your name. You can now stay in a house renovated and designed by us!

Welcome to our own Floridian oasis. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood just outside of the most magical place on earth, (AKA Walt Disney World) is a warm welcome for your next vacation, staycation, or extended stay in the Sunshine State. Equipped with everything you need for a relaxing escape like cozy linens, cookware, and an in-ground pool, you’ll want to spend the rest of your days snacking on fresh Florida citrus, poolside. Take a little house tour below!

bedroom with bead board wall and night stand sitting by the bed before preset is appliedbedroom with bead board wall and night stand sitting by the bed after preset is applied
What’s the final step of a completed DIY project or room refresh? Taking photos of course!

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