I love when clients come to me to create lifestyle imagery for their own brand usage. Here are a select few!


A weekend trip to Austin with a stay at the then new ARRIVE Hotel. This was my first taste of photography that was focused on interiors and design. It’s safe to say I’ve been hooked ever since. Capturing this beautifully designed, modern space was nothing short of inspiring. I delivered imagery for the hotel’s social media usage, as well as shared about our stay over on my Instagram.


What started as a client reaching out to have me share their products on my own social media pages turned into a multi-faceted photo and video shoot for the launch of their new digital series, completely bypassing the initial ask. Zach took on video while I handled the photo component, and it kicked off a new passion of working together on content creation. This is now our favorite way to work!


Another multi-faceted client project that not only involved three separate shares to my own Instagram account, but also a photo shoot with models for Blundstone’s own digital channels. This was such a fun shoot to put together, and these are a few of my favorite shots featuring some of my favorite shoes to wear!

Boll & Branch

A repeat client that I absolutely love working with, as I genuinely use their products daily! Here are a few of my favorite images from my most recent holiday shoot for Boll & Branch bedding. We are so fortunate to be able to shoot for them in our own home! Gives us a good excuse to keep things looking good!


Photographing shoes is apparently a theme around here! I have worked with Clarks on numerous occasions to share their products to my own social channels, and having the opportunity to create imagery for their usage was a welcomed addition to our usual scope of work. 


Sometimes, but only sometimes, I let Zach take charge behind the camera and I’ll step in front! Here’s some of our photo work together featured on HOBO Bag’s website!

Lovely Rita at The Hoxton Hotel

Trying my hand at food and beverage photography for Lovely Rita was a blast, and also very tasty. I created a series of images from their quick service cafe to their sit down dining, and here are a few of my favorite shots!


A quick six hour road trip to celebrate Earth Day with the Toyota Rav 4 was certainly an adventure for the books! Here are two of my favorite images from the whole day!