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Spring Cleaning Checklist For Every Room in the House

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In this post I’m sharing the perfect guide and Spring cleaning checklist for all your deep cleaning projects this season! Although I’m pretty sure we should be doing a deep clean more than once a year, ha. Either way, keep reading as I walk you through how I like to clean our home. I’m also sharing with you my own personal cleaning checklist that you can reuse over and over again!

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Cleaning, Where Do I Even Begin?

If you’re like me and find value in a clean and tidy space, but often get overwhelmed by cleaning a whole house, then this is for you! Caring for an entire house takes energy and an understanding of some basic cleaning ground rules. Personally, I find it a lot simpler if I focus on one room at a time. This way, I’m not bouncing from room to room, or climbing the stairs an unnecessary amount of times! So, if you ended up on this post because you’re thinking about tackling some deep cleaning, here are some of my best learned tips! These tips are straight from my Spring Cleaning Checklist, which can be purchased in our SHOP. It has everything tidied up into one simple checklist for each room of the house. Let’s jump in!

Spring Cleaning, Do I Really Need To?

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, the answer is YES! Spring is the perfect, most opportune time to shed the heavy layers of Winter and hit refresh. There’s something about being able to open the windows and crawl out from underneath your cozy blankets that breathes so much life into our bodies and our homes too! Creating that shift in your atmosphere will help motivate you in your daily housekeeping, and maybe put more pep in your step too! So, what are some of the best starting points for a Spring cleaning checklist? I’m so glad you asked!

Tips For Spring Cleaning

  • Declutter closets, the pantry, and anywhere else Winter gear may be hanging around. This is a great time to pack away clothing, linens, and other cold weather items! Also, take this time to purge anything that is causing unnecessary overwhelm. This is always the first thing I do!
  • If you have an outdoor space, sweep off the porch, rake the yard, pull weeds, and prune your landscaping. This will give you a head start on your Spring gardening or landscape plans! It also just feels good to have things in tip top shape from the outside in.
  • Go through your cleaning supplies! Anything need to be thrown out or refilled? Make sure you’re ready for all the really fun, non boring Spring cleaning you’re about to do! I’ve heard having cute cleaning tools helps as well. I’ll leave some of my favorites below!
  • Get out your Spring cleaning checklist, and decide which room to tackle first! If you’re feeling intimidated, start with the easiest room, like your entryway or small powder room. However, if you’re feeling excited and ready to clean the whole house in one day, start with your biggest room and work your way down! I like to start downstairs as it sees a lot more traffic, wear, and tear than our upstairs.

What Even Counts Towards a Deep Clean?

When it comes to deep cleaning, I like to leave no nook uncleaned! On a daily basis maybe I’d just wipe down the counters, sweep the floors, and call it good. But on a deep cleaning day, there’s a bit more than goes into play! Here is an example of my kitchen deep clean checklist! My Spring cleaning checklist has a different set of tasks for every room in the house so you always know what you need to do! To deep clean a kitchen:


Do Whatever Makes Your Space Feel FRESH

perhaps Even Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic While Cleaning

In the midst of our spring cleaning, it’s the ideal time to consider not just the cleanliness but also the overall aesthetic appeal of our home. After tackling each room with thorough decluttering and cleaning, think about the potential for enhancing ambiance. Whether it’s the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen, every space offers an opportunity for a stylish uplift. For example, in the kitchen, you might consider updating the space with kitchen wall planks, adding a touch of warmth. Perfect for any beginner DIY’ers out there! Similarly, consider adding decorative elements or rearranging furniture in other rooms for a fresh look. These little things can significantly transform the way your home feels, making your cleaning endeavors even more rewarding!

From here you can add your own unique tasks as well, like cleaning the inside of your garbage bin. How do those always get so dirty? Clear out compost, clean the dog bowls, or discard any expired food in the back of the refrigerator. It’s ok, we all have some. When it comes down to it, do what you need to do to feel like you’ve accomplished a deep clean! Whatever makes your space feel FRESH!

Ready To Start Your Spring Cleaning Checklist?

I hope that you’re feeling a little less intimidated and a little more inspired to get a start on your deep cleaning! It’s does wonders for the health of our homes, our bodies, and our families to be operating from a space that is clean, tidy, and free of cluttered chaos. Plus, there’s nothing like kicking off a new season than by hitting refresh on your space! It’s truly such a blessing that as women we are called to take care of our homes! However, being a good steward of the home doesn’t mean always having everything perfectly clean and tidy. That’s just unrealistic! Rather, it means that we place value on our calling to take care of the home, and prioritize it daily! Below is one of my favorite Bible verses that inspires me to keep up with my home!

She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27 ESV

Our Feminine Calling to Homemaking

We as women can all definitely learn a thing or to about caring well for our homes from the Proverbs 31 woman! I would encourage any of you gals reading this to go dive into Proverbs 31. I bet you’ll be ready to start your deep cleaning afterwards, ha! But, if you’re ready to start your Spring cleaning checklist now, I have crafted up the perfect little list that you can use over and over with a dry erase marker! I use this anytime I want to deep clean a space in my home! It helps keep me on track, and I can also write down any reminders for next time in the notes section. You can click the photo below to purchase!

spring cleaning checklist on light colored hardwood floors

If you purchase this guide to deep cleaning, I would love to hear from you! Tag me in your cleaning photos on Instagram! I would love to repost so we can inspire all our fellow homemakers in caring for our homes! Thank you so much for reading, I’ll chat with ya real soon.

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