Christmas Bedroom Decor Inspiration

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It’s that time of year, and Christmastime is here! To start off the holiday season, I wanted to share some Christmas bedroom decor inspiration, as it’s often an overlooked area when it comes to pulling out the decorations.

decorated Christmas bedroom with king size bed against shiplap wall with christmas themed bedding and a brass chandelier hanging above

Stick With a Color Palette

When it comes to designing your own winter wonderland of a bedroom, try to stick with a color palette. This can help to keep the space feeling cohesive, and is also easy on the eyes. It’s crazy how colors can play such a big role in our mood and overall sense of peace. You can think outside the box with this too. Christmas bedroom decor (or any Christmas decor for that matter) doesn’t always have to be the classic red and green. If you’re feeling stuck though, think about one of these color pairings and how they would work in your space——

Chrstmas color palette inspiration

  • forest green / white / brown
  • white / blue / grey
  • gold / white / black / brown
  • deep red / cream / black
  • grey / beige / black

There are so many ways to dream up a cozy space without defaulting to the basics! Just don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

white vase with faux pine branches on a nightstand, surrounded by pinecones, a picture frame, and a Bible in a Christmas bedroom
wooden nightstand next to a bed in a Christmas bedroom

Add Greenery for a Natural Looking Christmas Bedroom

Whether you opt for real or faux greenery, adding that natural element of the outdoors can really help to bring a room to life! There are so many fun ways to do this as winter greenery just has a sort of charm to it that brightens any mood! In the photos above you can see that I chose faux greenery, and I personally think it looks fairly realistic! The benefits to going the faux route are that you can decorate as early as you’d like and don’t have to wait for seasonal foliage, and you can also reuse your pieces year after year! Another long lasting option here is dried or preserved foliage. If you’re feeling ready to add some life to your bedroom, here are some of my favorite wintery “greens” to add to your shopping or foraging list—— pine branches, bare twigs with no leaves on them, ferns, cedar garland, spruce branches, and pine cones to name a few. Shop a few of my favorites below!

wooden bench up against bed with white blanket

Why is adding texture in the bedroom so important?

Well, I am so glad you asked! Adding in varying textures to a Christmas bedroom is key to giving it that oh so cozy feeling. Having different textures allows for our eyes to sort of travel down a scenic road, and not be stuck in one place for too long. For this cozy season in particular, I personally like to stick with materials like wool, natural linen, chunky knit blankets, textural woven quilts, and other cozy fabrics like fur, leather, and flannel. Mix and match, and have fun with it! There are no wrong answers here, as long as you love your space and feel warm and cozy within it.

white arm chair with pillow and blanket draped over it
photo of a decorated Christmas bedroom through the reflection of a mirror
glass house figurine on top of two books

It Wouldn’t be a Christmas Bedroom Without a Winter Scent

Adding a subtle, seasonally appropriate scent to your Christmas bedroom will wrap up the space nicely with a bow. Being able to cozy on up in your room with the aroma of gingerbread, pine trees, or spiced cider will instantly put you in the Christmas spirit. I personally love doing this with an essential oil diffuser, as it’s a bit cleaner for the air than a traditional candle. If you have a diffuser, my absolute favorite wintery blend is Grove, by Vitruvi. If you are a candle person though, below are some really beautiful ones that I think would serve the purpose of function and beauty!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with your wintery bedroom decor as long as it feels and looks cozy to you and yours! But, if you are looking for some inspiration, I hope this post was helpful! If you are in the market for more Christmas blog posts, check out my recent gift guide for him. Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and I’ll chat with ya again real soon!

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