Christmas Gift Guide — For Him

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A Christmas gift guide for him. It’s the infamous holiday gifting struggle, what to gift your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, etc. Shopping for guys can be tough, so I’ve curated this simple gift guide, for the special men in your life!

What do I gift a man for Christmas?

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you have likely asked yourself this question every time the Christmas season rolls around. Gifting your mom or your sister? Easy! Picking up a little something for your best friend’s kid? Piece of cake! Getting a meaningful gift for your dad or your husband? Impossible. Ha! But fear not! Considering the fact that I live with a very stereotypical man (no offense Zach), I think I have a good idea what type of gifts a guy might like to receive for Christmas. From tech, wellness, home improvement and more, here is my 2022 Christmas gift guide, for him.

Christmas Gift Guide —Tech

Some tech items that will benefit not only your favorite guy, but will work within your home too!

Phillips hue lights starter kit

Christmas Gift Guide phillips hue light bulb starter kit displayed outside the box

If you like the lights in your home to be dimmable, warm, and sometimes colorfully festive, this is a great gift! My husband loves to set up the lights in fun colors for special occasions, and I like to dim the lights at lamp-o’clock (if you know you know). This gets a good approval rating from me!


Christmas Gift Guide Apple TV box and remote control against white background.

Another one that can be enjoyed by the whole family! We just picked this up a few weeks ago, but this would also be an excellent gift. Is there anything guys like more than fiddling around with a TV and getting all the settings just right? Satisfaction.


Christmas Gift Guide apple HomePod mini against white background

Need I say more? A great bluetooth speaker that also has a fun, abstract shape to fit into your home aesthetic, whatever that may be. I purchased an Apple HomePod for my husband years ago and we still use it daily! A gift that keeps on giving!

Christmas Gift Guide —Wellness

Yes, even the guys in our life can enjoy a little self care every once in a while. Here are some of my favorite items to gift that are personal, yet still have a masculine touch.

Male Manicure set

manicure set against in a leather case against a white background gift set

An unsuspectingly good gift! I gifted this to my husband last year and he uses it all the time! A great way to promote good hygiene while also having his own set of things. This could be a great stocking stuffer too!

ORAL-B electric toothbrush

Christmas Gift Guide black Oral-B iO toothbrush against a white background

Sticking with the personal hygiene theme here. I love this toothbrush! I have one for myself, and I’m gifting one to my husband this year as well (shhh, don’t tell him). It’s rechargeable, comes with a sleek travel case, can connect to it’s own phone app via bluetooth for a personal brushing experience, and overall leaves that “just left the dentist” feeling, which is amazing. A tech-centered toothbrush is the perfect gift that is both practical, yet still fun!

aesop seasonal gift kit

Aesop seasonal gift kit against white background

A good smelling gift if I do say so myself. This is another product that my husband has been using for years and years. It’s high quality, has a very masculine look, feel, and scent, and I love that this seasonal kit comes in more of a “trial” size. A body cleanser and body balm make a perfect gift to pamper the guys in your life and let them know you appreciate them!

Christmas Gift Guide —Home Improvement

My personal favorite type of gift guide, primarily because it leads to more home renovation projects around the house, ha! But also my husband’s favorite, because men love tools and tinkering and working with their hands and I think that’s just a lovely craft to encourage! So here are some perfect gift guide items in the home improvement category, curated by Zach himself.

milwaukee cordless combo kit

Milwaukee gift set of tools and bag against a white background

This is one of the best gifts for the handy man in your life. It has so many great tools for building and making and doing, and will entertain your guys for hours! We actually saw this set at the store a few days ago while picking up paint (as we do) and my husband said “that is a great deal”. So you heard it from him first. This is a great deal on a combo kit of tools!

milwaukee laser distance meter

Christmas Gift Guide Milwaukee laser distance meter against white background

This one is pretty niche, but I was highly encouraged to include this fancy laser tape measurer. It makes home DIY projects very easy and can be used solo, as opposed to the ole “grab one end of the tape measurer and go stand over there”. So ladies, if you’re looking for a hands off experience when it comes to your home improvement projects, this is a compact, yet impactful gift!

Milwaukee multi tool

Christmas Gift GuideMilwaukee multi tool kit against white background

I asked my husband what the coolest tool he has is, and this multi-tool made the list! Apparently, it’s “good at cutting things”, so if you have a guy that loves to build and work with wood, consider this a multi functional gift, and at the time of writing this, is on a pretty good sale!

Gift from the heart and you can’t go wrong.

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so! Whomever you are shopping for this season, I hope you choose meaningful, personal gifts that reflect your love and appreciation! If your friends and family aren’t gift people (like myself), try out an experience instead, like a cooking class, spa day, weekend trip or something similar. When in doubt a hand written letter, act of service, or display of love will always be the most cherished gifts of all.

If you want to shop everything from this curated Christmas gift guide at once, check out my LikeToKnowIt page HERE. Looking for more gift guides? I’ll be sharing new ones all week! Happy gifting!

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