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Spring Home Decor Favorites From Target

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Sharing my Spring home decor favorites from Target that fit with a fresh, airy, French country decor style! This is one of my favorite decor styles to embrace during the Springtime!

I know we all love a good Target run, especially when there’s time to peruse the home decor section. Anyone else just always end up stopping, staring, and drooling over everything from Magnolia and Studio McGee? Or is that just me? I seriously can’t get enough of their products, no matter the season! Talk about major interior design inspiration. So, if you haven’t had a chance to get your Springtime home decor Target fix, or if you are wanting to bring a few new pieces into your home to freshen things up, keep reading! I am sharing some of my favorite Spring home decor favorites from Target this season! Also sharing some tips on what to look out for when you’re wandering through the aisles and everything seems to be calling your name. So let’s open the windows, freshen up the decor, and get in the Spring spirit!

Spring Patterns to Look Out For

If you’re looking to add some new Spring patterns to your decor lineup, here are some of my favorite ways to do that! Floral patterns, anything with gingham, and any subtle plaid design are great choices! Also look out for light, breezy textures like linen and gauze. I know Target is carrying a ton of products like this at the moment so think fun and think floral! Imagine your house is the canvas for the perfect Spring picnic. If you want to invest in pieces that you can use in multiple seasons, I would definitely stick with neutrals. However, if season specific decor is what you’re after, bring on all the floral patterns and garden bunnies!

Add Florals

Speaking of floral patterns, don’t forget about actual flowers. It is always in best practice during the Spring to throw some fresh flowers into the mix as well! If you don’t like fresh, you can always go with dried or faux. Target has some really lovely faux flowers and adorable vases if you’re looking to do some floral styling yourself. I’ll link a few of those below! While you’re at it, head to my post all about how to style fresh and dried flowers for Spring. I walk you through some of my best tips for floral styling as well as how to keep things minimal with a few tree branches in a vase. Spoiler: it’s literally just putting tree branches in a vase! If you haven’t figured it out already, I like to keep things pretty easy and simple around here.

Spring Home Decor Favorites From Target

When it comes to decor for Spring, I love subdued pastel colors, neutrals, and lots of textures. I try to choose textures that are easy on the eyes like wicker, ceramic, and light colored wood. Typically, I avoid a lot of the Easter focused decor like bunnies, easter eggs, and carrots. I like to keep things subtle by choosing pieces that will age well throughout the entire Spring season. Truthfully though, you can’t go wrong anything that is dainty, feminine, and has a scalloped edge. Take a peek at that scalloped basket below! Here I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite pieces for Spring that are at Target right now. So take a look and if you decide to pick something up, send me a photo on Instagram! I would love to admire how you have styled your home for Spring!

Quick Ways to Refresh a Space for Spring

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to hit refresh on your space, here are some simple tips! These things won’t break the bank or require hiring a full interior design team either!

  • Change out the throw pillows on your couch or bed. You already know Target has some lovely, affordable options here!
  • Add a few vases of fresh flowers around the house. Done, Spring home accomplished!
  • Pack away any heavy winter pieces like dark wood accents, thick blankets, and even winter coats and sweaters. It’s pretty much safe to go through anything that might be lingering in the closets.
  • Speaking of closets, one of the best ways to get that fresh Spring aesthetic is SPRING CLEANING! Nothing says Spring refresh like a good closet declutter or a little pantry organization. In fact, I think we should all start here!
  • If you’re in the mood to be crafty, try reimagining a piece of furniture or home accessory. For example, sanding down an old coffee table or painting a picture frame in a pretty pastel color. You could even make breezy linen curtains out of a repurposed sheet. Get creative!

There are truly so many ways we can embrace the fresh Springtime air when it comes to our homes. I hope this post encouraged or inspired you to curate a space you love and take a trip to Target! Even if it’s just to “window shop”, the inspiration is out there! I find a lot of inspiration in simply just looking at home decor, no purchase necessary! If you have a strong sense of self control (LOL), I have a feeling you can do this too!

Shop My Spring Home Decor Favorites From Target

Click the photo below to shop my personal Spring home decor favorites from Target, straight from my LikeToKnowIt page! While I do earn a small commission on products purchased from my link, I never want to encourage unnecessary consumption. However, if you do feel that something would add value to your home, I would be so grateful if you used my link for your purchaese! It helps our little family more than you know! Thank you so much for reading along and I’ll talk to you real soon! Keep on creating!

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