A Mountain Escape – Getaway Cabin

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A two hour drive from Portland into the mountains of Southern Washington will leave you with no cell service, a tiny cabin for one (or two, or four!), and a refreshing view of the great outdoors.

bed in an all wood cabin facing a large open window

The Getaway House

a tiny mountain escape nestled in nature

Located on one of the PNW’s many adventurous mountains, Mt Adams, is a well kept campsite (glampsite?) featuring numerous tiny house cabins for all your rest and relaxation needs. The Getaway House cabins come equipped with all you could dream of for a night or two under the stars. The comfiest beds with luxurious linens, a tiny kitchen, fire pit, in-cabin bathroom with a shower…do we need to go on?

What we loved about the Getaway House was the emphasis on simple living and connection. The fact that there’s no cell service really puts you in a state of calm. Being forced to unwind is a good time. Time to read, engage in intentional conversation with a loved one, cook a meal fireside, or whatever else you can do without a cellphone in your hand— the possibilities are endless and the feeling you get upon your departure will have you craving more.

girl laying on bed with her legs up in the air
girl laying on all white bed

Overall, this dreamy, minimalist glamping experience is great for refocusing, having a screen free weekend, or simply just hanging out. Falling asleep to the galaxy above and waking up to the sunshine in your eyes is always a treat. Getaway House has locations all over the USA; you can find a full list here. We hope you find some time in this new year to getaway and do nothing.

close up shot of plaid blanket on a bed
close up shot of boots a blanket and a hat sitting on a bed

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