Baja Bound

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At the end of a dirt road in the tiny town of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur is the majestic oasis that is Hotel San Cristobal. Our time here was short and sweet, but this hotel easily makes the top of our list of favorite stays in twenty nineteen.

cacti in front of a white stucco wall with big wood outlined windows
girl walking up concrete stairs with cacti in the background

Hotel San Cristobal sits on a gorgeous piece of land on the Baja California Sur coastline, featuring intricate design, Mexican style architecture, and thirty-two rooms with a view. All in addition to their onsite restaurant, Benno, with fresh locally sourced cuisine as well as their tienda— a shop boasting with local artisan made treasures. Both amenities are a must when staying or simply passing through.

ocean waves
girls sitting around a table eating dinner

Their mattresses along with other in-room linens are made of natural fibers, to ensure a peaceful and ethical night of sleep. Supporting boutique spaces like Hotel San Cristobal and the local artists who help run them is always worth it in our opinion. So whether you are coming to surf, swim, or simply lounge around in the sunshine, we hope you experience the ethereal warmth of Hotel San Cristobal and Baja California Sur.

girl standing in the ocean in a bathing suit with big cliffs in the background

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