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How to Style Fresh Flowers, Decorating for Spring

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Sharing my favorite tips for freshening up our home for Spring by showing you how to style fresh flowers, dried flowers, and twiggy branches alike! Now, I’m no florist, but I have certainly learned a thing or two about how to pair a flower with a vase! There’s been lots of trial and error, but that’s the beauty of it! There is so much room for creativity when it comes to flowers, so let’s get to it!

Fresh Flowers or Dried Flowers?

It’s that time of year where we all want to refresh our space, open the windows, and liven everything up! What better way to do that than with some pretty blooms! I mean, aside from the obvious declutter and Spring clean (which I should probably get started on). Whether you are wondering how to style fresh flowers or how to style dried flowers, you’re in luck because it’s pretty much the same process, give or take some water! However, here are some pros and cons of each!

The pros OF Fresh Flowers

  • they give off a sweet aroma that makes a home smell like Spring
  • fresh flowers can help a space feel more alive and connected with nature

The Cons oF fresh flowers

  • when flowers are fresh, they don’t last very long, and can become quite costly to continually replenish
  • they need frequent checking on to see if they need more water
  • unfortunately, fresh blooms can bring Springtime allergens into your home, like pollen

The pros of dried flowers

  • dried flowers will always stay the same and can’t wither away, so the cost is but a one time purchase
  • they are reusable for restyling over and over again due to their long lifespan

the cons of dried flowers

  • dried flowers are not as easy to come by unless purchased at a specialty shop or online
  • if not cared for and preserved correctly, dried flowers can start crumbling to pieces and become very messy
  • the process is very time consuming if drying out flowers yourself, and there won’t be any instant results

So, what is your go to? I personally lean more towards dried flowers for our home as they are easier to style all year round and don’t come with a pound of pollen! Also, dried florals tend to be a nice dead grass neutral color, ha! What can I say, I love my beiges! However, come Springtime, I love making a habit out of picking up a new bunch of fresh blooms to keep in the kitchen or living room, just for Spring’s sake! So when it comes to styling fresh or dry flowers, here are some of my favorite tips! As I mentioned, I am no professional flower connoisseur, so please take my advice with a grain of salt! Or should I say, a seed of flower? Clearly comedy isn’t my thing either.

Have a Variety of Vases

When it comes to vases, having a variety is not only helpful on the creative side of styling flowers, but it also looks great to have diversity when styled around the house. For example, having a big statement vase, small bud vases, some tall, some short, you get the gist of it! Additionally, be sure to have vases that are different shapes, as well as heights and sizes. I personally love big vases, and vases with soft edges. I feel that these blend well with our light, airy, slightly country home decor style. My favorite place to find vases is of course the local antique shop or thrift store, but Target and Hobby Lobby are close seconds! When it comes down to it though, you can find a vase just about anywhere!

Incorporate Different Types of Flowers

This is probably a given, but incorporating different types of flowers in one vase can really liven things up and create a visually interesting moment. Stick with a color palette though, unless you’re going for a foraged wildflower look. For styling fresh flowers, I love including lots of wispy and grassy type foliage with my flowers to help fill the negative space. On the other hand, a few simple blooms in a vase can work really well if you’re after a more simple, minimalist look. I like this look especially for smaller bud vases that are all styled together.

Use Sticks, Twigs, and Branches

This is a fun one, and applies to both fresh flowers and dried flowers! Get creative with fallen foliage you find in your backyard, or on a neighborhood walk! You can even find these twiggy branches at some floral shops or grocery stores! I found the branches below for just $7.99 our local grocery store! These look great when styled solo as they are a niceield statement piece and focal point.

Style Fresh Flowers All Throughout the House

I like to have at least one vase of either fresh or dried flowers in every room of the house! I keep bigger bouquets in our main living areas like the living room and as a table centerpiece in the kitchen, and then I like to add smaller vases to bathrooms and other little nooks. For the bedrooms, I tend to stick with dried flowers just to be sure we’re not breathing in any unnecessary pollen while we sleep! Have fun with it though, there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to adorning your space with nature!

I hope these tips are helpful and that you feel inspired to pick up some fresh blooms on your next trip to the market! If you want to see more photos of how I style fresh flowers in our home, I’m always sharing things over on the gram! You can follow me @aliviafields. Tag me in all of your floral creations so I can see and share! Oh and if you need some inspiration on vases or dried flowers you can purchase online, I made a little Spring Home Decor Roundup HERE! Thanks so much for reading along, and I’ll catch ya later. Keep on creating!

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  1. I agree with you about the color of dried flowers! I love that neutral color in my house haha
    I am in the process of having more decorations like this in my house. We currently have 2 or 3 vases with preserved eucalyptus, pampas and dried palm. I love how it looks!
    I absolutely loved this blog, I can’t wait for the next one!

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