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Sustainably Source Home Decor + Entryway Refresh w/ Pottery Barn

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The reveal is here—— my entry way refresh with Pottery Barn! Whenever I begin to tackle a new interior design project, I always try to think of ways to do it in the most sustainable way possible in order to have minimal impact on our planet. Sometimes this means locally thrifting old books and vases for decor, donating unwanted items rather than discarding, or shopping from brands who implement sustainable practices. When I do choose to purchase new, I always research the product itself to ensure it’s crafted with natural materials that are not harmful to the earth. Happy to report that this solid pine wood console table from Pottery Barn is sustainably sourced and Fair Trade Certified. Additionally, Pottery Barn has taken on a new challenge, to plant 3 million trees in the next 3 years. What a goal! Here’s how it works—— when you purchase a piece of indoor wood furniture, they plant a tree in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Through using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, doing their part to fight deforestation, and replenishing vulnerable forests, they are certainly leading the way to being a good steward of the earth; which is certainly something I aspire to be as well. I’ve linked all of these mindfully made Pottery Barn pieces below, along with a little bit about each piece and why I’ve chosen to incorporate them in this entryway refresh!

after photo of the entryway renovated with decorated table

When we first moved into our home last Summer, this entryway was bland. Just a plain white wall with absolutely no character (see below), and certainly did not evoke a warm welcome for guests and residents alike. Being that it’s a relatively small space, I didn’t quite know what to do with it, so it stayed in it’s bland state for quite some time. That is, until Pottery Barn reached out a few weeks back and shared about their 3 million trees initiative along with their collection of mindfully made pieces. I immediately perused their collection and finally started to get some ideas for how to transform this entryway into a space that evoked a grounding sense of calm for those who pass it by.

messy entryway to a house before photo
progress photo of vertical boards being put up on the wall
During the renovation process!

What started with the idea to simply remove the bench and obtrusive coatrack and replace with Pottery Barn’s Folsom Console Table in Desert Pine, turned into a full on renovation to really spruce the space up. We started by sourcing some 1×4 slats of wood to give the wall a farmhouse/cottage sort of look, and wired in some sconces that we sourced from a local lighting company to place on either side of the console table to elicit a warm glow. This little project alone added so much charm and character to the space. What really gave it the finishing touch though was all these neutral toned and natural decor pieces from Pottery Barn.

vase with pampas grass in it sitting on entryway table

One of my favorite pieces of decor on this table is this speckled terra cotta vase! It comes in five different sizes; pictured here is the large. It was handcrafted from clay, and I love the rustic charm it brings to the space! Which is exactly the look I am going for! Rustic, but still bright!

basket with blanket in it sitting on bottom of entryway table

These handwoven baskets are perfect to mix and match! I picked up two Tava Woven Utility Storage Baskets in a whitewash finish, which are crafted from rattan lombok, a well as a Savannah Handwoven Seagrass Basket, made with sustainably sourced seagrass.

girl putting a stem of pampas grass in a vase on a table

Speaking of grass, this Dried Pampas Grass is the perfect touch of bringing the outdoors into this space. It is the perfect sun-kissed color & really adds some softness to the top of the table. It pairs well with some of the rougher textures I have, like my thrifted wood and cement bowls!

girl standing in from of entryway table looking in the mirror
girl pulling basket with purse in it out of a cabinet

Last, but certainly not least, the Kian Eco-Friendly Rug. I can’t explain it, but it’s so soft to walk on. Dare I say the best rug in the whole house, and a very pleasant welcome into the home. It’s crafted with 100% post consumer recycled plastic from water bottles (around 612 water bottles I must add), and is just the coziest part of the whole space! I have the 2.5×9 runner, and it’s the perfect length for a long entry way like ours!

Thank you so much to Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post and helping us elevate our entryway into a space that really feels like it’s a part of the home now. I’m so thrilled that we can support their mindfully made collection of home furnishings and help plant trees along the way with their 3 million trees initiative! As we move throughout Earth month and onward, my hope is that we can all be a little more mindful about where we choose to purchase and how we choose to steward the Earth. ♡

* This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn, but all opinions are my own.

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