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Repurposing for the Holidays

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after photo of reading nook with Christmas styled shelves

Greetings, friends! I hope you are all having a wholesome Christmas season! Zach and I have been spending a lot of time at home, which has been inspiring us to keep perfecting our living space, specifically the spaces we haven’t given much thought to since moving in.

This past week, I was perusing Certified Refurbished tools on eBay, and decided to gift Zach a few tools he’s been wanting, which of course, resulted in me asking him to help me with a DIY project! We have this little nook at the top of our stairs which was rather sad (see below), and I really wanted to make use of the space and spruce it up!

before photo of reading nook with old shelves

So, on Saturday morning we grabbed a few tools from Zach’s new DeWALT multi tool kit as well as the Makita circular saw that I got him on eBay and we set out to build some “built in” shelves! Keep scrolling to the end for the big reveal!

eBay has 1.5 billion listings, and a very hearty selection of Certified Refurbished goods as well, which is not only easy on the wallet, but also promotes a much more conscious way of shopping, by choosing to reuse instead or purchasing brand new.    

top down photo of drip impact driver and circular saw
girl using circular saw to cut wood
in progress shot of girl standing on step stool holding impact driver

Since eBay has free shipping on 70% of items plus a three-day guarantee with Guaranteed Delivery, we were able to transform this space in just FIVE DAYS. Who knew what could be done with some refurbished tools, a little bit of plywood, a coat of paint!

in progress shot of boy placing plywood shelf onto supports
girl using circular saw to cut plywood
progress shot of boy holding up tape measure against wood

If you’re interested in shopping from eBay’s selection of Certified Refurbished home goods as well, I’ll leave a link right HERE, as they currently have some really good deals for Green Week” specifically on their refurbished items! You can also use code: PURCHASECR15 for 15% off select Certified Refurbished products up to $100, expiring on December 18 at 11:59pm. With over 1.5 billion listings, I’m sure there’s something for everyone on your gift list! Hey, maybe you’ll be inspired to DIY something too!

circular saw and drill boxes sitting on the floor next to other Christmas gifts

Now at last, the finished project! Let me know your thoughts over on Instagram and let me know if you’d want a step-by-step tutorial on how we built these and what tools we used. I bet you could totally find them on eBay. 😉

boy holding circular saw in front of shelves decorated for Christmas
boy sitting in chair holding circular saw with girl sitting on lap holding impact driver with christmas presents on the floor around them
girl holding up impact driver in front of christmas styled shelves

This post is sponsored by eBay and Shop Style. All opinions are my own!

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